An Early Christmas for Adult Onesies

Early Christmas for Adult Onesies with New Nautical Style

It may be an early Christmas for adult onesies as recent research amongst UK consumers shows one in five Brits have bought their first Christmas 2017 present by the end of May. This early planning is particularly marked among the younger population with nearly half of 18-34 year olds buying their first Christmas present before the end of May. Hard to believe we know but the same research claims that 9% of 18-24 year olds have already purchased all of their Christmas presents – that’s seven months ahead. A spokesman says, “We’re not even half way through the year but it’s clear that shoppers everywhere are already thinking about Christmas”. If consumers are early with their shopping decisions then as a manufacturer we have to plan an especially early Christmas for adult onesies. In fact our Christmas onesies will soon be ready. This year we will be adding to our range of footed pajama styles with both Zooland and Bumble styles having footed options. And we are bringing back our stripy Nautical style, as pictured, which will be available in both footed or unfooted options. We’ll also probably have more of our Wizard robes because they always seem popular for both Halloween and Christmas. According to this recent article in Vogue, robe dressing is the new pajama dressing. They call the recent trend for pajama fashion, “the apex of that ever-elusive balance between comfort and style”. If its comfort and style you want then you’ll be looking forward to an early Christmas for adult onesies too. For those who haven’t yet had enough of pajama fashion, you might be interested in this article from a stylist who has worked for the stars including Beyonce. Marni Senofonte shows how you can take items from retailer Target’s sleepwear section and turn them into catwalk fashion – that’s the men’s sleepwear section. They conclude with “we’re kind of feeling like we need to lose ourselves in Target’s menswear department too.”