Adult Onesies Range from Funzee

Funzee Adult Onesies Range is growing in the USA. We will continue to offer you more choice of styles and designs based on what you tell us. Funzee produces a wide range of adult onesies with cool designs: with hoods or without, with feet or without, even with a Butt Flap. We also produce convenient matching non-slip socks for those who wanted added flexibility, and we have other fun stuff like animal themed adult onesies.

Funzee has been designing their own brand of adult onesie pajamas since 2008. We have both cotton and fleece designs and are constantly updating our USA collection based on customer feedback. Our unique Unisex sizing is comfortable for both men and women. We have the full adult size range with seven different sizes from XS (Extra Small) to XXL (Extra, extra large) including a Medium Generous size for those with a fuller figure.  Some styles are available with matching non-slip socks for that footie pajama look.

Some styles are available as an adult footed onesie, some are hooded and our Retro even comes with optional butt flap.

If you are after those spandex full body suits, we have them too. Our design for this kind of zentai suit is called Funskin.

Click on an image below to learn more about the different designs of our adult onesie pajama suits. Don’t forget to check your correct size too. Its quite simple: shop based on the height of the wearer. Then go to Buy Now and we will dispatch quickly from our New York warehouse by USPS priority mail as standard.

We are constantly increasing our range so keep checking back to see what new adult onesies we have or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Also, please let us have your comments and feedback because we really do read them and introduce new styles based on what you tell us. For example, we don’t currently offer onesie pajamas for kids, but if there is enough positive feedback we’ll probably introduce them. And we have started introducing those animal onesie costumes because you asked us to, with more to come, so please tell us your favorites.

Choose from our Adult Onesies Range:

Retro Funzee - Adult Onesies

Adult Non Footed Pajamas - Stripy Retro

Retro Funzee

100% Cotton
Hooded, Unhooded & Butt Flap
Footed adult pajamas and adult onesies

Stripy Festival Onesie

Festival Funzee

100% Cotton
Hooded, Unhooded & Footed
Cute Funzee - Adult Onesie

Cute adult onesies - Pink with Teddies

Cute Funzee

100% Cotton
Wild Funzee - Adult Onesie

All in One Cotton Footed Pajamas - Leopard Onesie

Wild Funzee

100% Cotton
Footed & Unfooted
Minty Funzee - non footed striped pajamas

Fleece non Footed Striped Pajamas in Minty Colors

Minty Funzee

100% Polar Fleece
Jet Funzee - Adult non footed Pajamas

“Jet” Adult non footed Pajamas in Black

Jet Funzee

100% Polar Fleece
Funny Adult Onesies

Funny Adult Onesies - in Gold/Black stripes

Bumble Funzee

100% Polar Fleece
Polar Funzee - Part of the Adult Onesies Range from funzee

White Adult Onesie in Soft Fleece

Polar Funzee

100% Polar Fleece
Footed & Unfooted
Wizard Funzee - Adult Onesie

Fleece UnFooted or Footed Pajamas - Wizard Design

Wizard Funzee

100% Polar Fleece
Footed & Unfooted
Game of Thrones Pajamas

Game of Thrones Pajamas non Footed

Winter is Coming Funzee

100% Polar Fleece
Sunshine Funzee - Adult Onesies

Blue Gold Onesie Suit in Cotton – Sunshine Funzee

Sunshine Funzee

100% Cotton
Hooded & Unhooded
Reggae Funzee - Hooded Adult Onesie

Hooded Adult Onesie - Stripy Reggae

Reggae Funzee

100% Cotton
Stripy Socks

Non-slip socks for Footed Pajamas

Stripy Socks

Non slip soles
anti-bac. treatment
Wizard Gown from Adult Onesies Range

Wizard Robe Dressing Gown in Soft Fleece

Wizard Gown

100% Polar Fleece
Retro Funzee - Adult Onesie

Onesies for Teens - Stripey Retro - Unhooded

Retro Funzee

100% Cotton, Unhooded

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