Summer Music Festivals in Full Swing

Kpop onesie pajamas for music festivals

Last week saw the longest day and shortest night so, as the temperature rises, its time to look at summer music festivals. The UK has just had what is generally considered to be the most famous of music festivals – Glastonbury. Back in 1970 when a group of Hippies gathered together in a field, and were given free milk by the farmer, who would have predicted this would become a global phenomenon. His “accidental” music event now has 175,000 paying visitors and successfully attracts the world’s biggest acts with 2017 headliners including Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Radiohead. Rock band The Foo Fighters played and were criticized by some for throwing the most F**ks around, while prime minister in waiting, Jeremy Corbin, was hailed by an adoring crowd which just goes to show how cool old Socialists have become. There was a time, before social media, when music festivals barely made the news and major live acts could afford to ignore them since they made their millions from record sales. Not anymore. Live music makes money again and these music events are about being seen, wearing the right brands and getting your pics on social media. According to Buzzfeed, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne were the coolest cats at Glastonbury. We also had advice from designer Alexa Chung about festival fashion. Her advice, “I think packing light is always the best option because when you get to the gate you have at least a 40 minute walk ahead of you so it has to be a bag that you can physically carry. Sorry to sound so dreary—I swear it’s the most fun place on earth, but it’s incomparable to American festivals.” Meanwhile in the US we have just enjoyed one of the biggest music festivals, EDC from Las Vegas. You can enjoy some of the top fashion picks from EDC here. And if you are a regular at music festivals you might be lucky enough to see Kpop band BTS who not only were voted the best social group during the Billboard Music Awards but also have a style all their own as you can see from these pink jumpsuits.