Company History of Funzee Onesie

The History of funzee is already long in the adult onesie world. The idea for funzee started in the UK in 2008. Our student son was then, and still is, a big fan of Scrubs and there is a famous episode where our hero, JD, is woken up to go out drinking and he is wearing an adult onesie. We thought it would be fun to get one similar for our son’s birthday but the only ones we could find online were in the USA and they wanted $30 just for the shipping. So we thought we would set up a UK site with just one simple pale blue adult onesie design and see if anyone else out there was interested. Well they were, and we went on to create dozens of other styles and sizes, as well as setting up websites to focus on other countries. We manufacture wherever we can find good quality, reliable suppliers at a reasonable price. We don’t chase the cheapest manufactured price as the quality of the product and reliable delivery are far more important.

We now have warehouses in UK, Germany, and the USA from where we can efficiently fulfil orders, and we are pleased to be back selling to the USA since that’s where our inspiration came from. In fact the USA is now are biggest market and we have thousands of funzee fans here.

Our focus is still on adult onesies although we have introduced some other fun apparel and may do more in the future. We rely on customer feedback to decide what gets made, or dropped or introduced so please let us know. We offer either polar fleece or pure cotton fabrics. Sizing is simple – just base it on the height of the wearer, ordering is simple with a flat postage charge of $5.95.

Our prices are some of the lowest you will find online with rapid delivery using the expertise of Amazon Logistics. We thank you for your support and we hope to make the history of funzee much longer in the future.