Onesie Pajama Party is the way to celebrate

Onesie Pajama Party for a number one song

Pajama parties have always been a fun way to celebrate or hang out with friends and now the onesie pajama party is becoming popular. We noticed that one of the events in last week’s NYC Vulture Arts Festival was a PJ hang out with the cast of comedy TV series Playing House. From Philadelphia we saw that the first Onesie pajama party bar crawl was organised. This traveling event was organized by San Diego hostel manager Kevin van Jones and the Philadelphia version of the onesie bar crawl was his first go at an East Coast endeavor. Similar events have previously been enjoyed in San Francisco, Portland, and Denver. Kevin says he is working on a onesie convention where all sorts of folks will be able to share the weird world or wearing onesies. “You can be anything. The onesies can be absolutely anything,” Van Jones said. “People just get excited to be in a onesie.” We all know that feeling. And over in Seattle there was a onesie pajama party organised by the living computers museum. Their Cats of the Internet Pajama Party was part of their ongoing commitment to teaching kids about computer technology via exhibits that showcase the latest virtual reality, 3-D printing, cyber attacks etc. If you get invited to a similar event, our funzoo animal onesie range includes a cute cat costume. Supposing you are a country singer and you suddenly have a number one hit. What sort of party you gonna throw? Lauren Alaina enjoyed a onesie pajama party in Nashville to celebrate her first No. 1 hit, “Road Less Traveled”. Lauren is a big onesie fan, “I bought myself something. What did I buy myself? Oh, I got a goat onesie. I’m so stupid! Some people go out and buy Chanel. I’m like, I got a onesie online!” Commenting on the song’s success, which grew out of her struggle with an eating disorder, the American Idol star says she is proud to have taken on such a challenging and deeply personal subject in her hit song. If you are having a onesie pajama party let us know and we might send you a free one to enjoy.