Time to show off your new adult onesies and pajamas

New adult onesies for Christmas

Happy New Year to all our readers, thanks for your support during 2017 and it’s now time to show off those new adult onesies on social media. It seems like most celebrities gave or received (or both) some sort of festive pajamas for Christmas. You couldn’t go online without a Beckham or Kardashian appearing in their matching sleepwear.  Here are just a few examples: check out a selection from Hollywood Life including Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Nothing says “I love you” like matching footed pajamas; remember that for Valentines Day cos we have a selection here.  USA magazine trawled Instagram to bring us more pajama fans including Jamie Foxx and Jasmine Tookes. From the world of sport we noticed NBA hero Stephen Curry and family celebrated Warriors’ Christmas win with matching pajamas that included the whole family. And for Country music fans there was plenty to enjoy from the Rare Country website which had a collection of new adult onesies and pajamas from singers such as Luke Bryan, Martina McBride, Lauren Alaina and Jessie James Decker.


Who know what 2018 will bring, maybe we’ll change our name to Blockchain Funzee and be worth millions of dollars, maybe there will be problems at the White House, most likely there will just be more of the same. Our plans include starting to sell in Canada and Mexico plus there will be some new adult onesies including the return of Butt flap or drop seat footed pajamas. And we are serious about bringing you a doggy onesie so that your pet can have matching onesie pajamas. Meanwhile we spotted the first pajama drama of the year with this Star Wars controversy. One shopper noticed some new Star War pajamas at Target and posted to social media that the set featured a Death Star shooting hearts, coupled with the image of Darth Vader surrounded by more hearts. Cue outrage from Star Wars fans – how can you use the death star for cuddly pajamas? We predict more outrage on social media in 2018.