Zooland Adult Onesie – for the Cat Walk


New for 2017, our tribute to the film Zoolander. This is an unhooded and unfooted adult onesie made from 100% cotton. Design is penguins on a sky blue background. Made in the European Union from top quality cotton.

Sizing is simple, check the size guide below or just base it on the height of the wearer


Here is a fun design inspired by the film Zoolander. A new design and once again its based on your suggestions and feedback. If you know the original film Zoolander you will recall that Ben Stiller wears something similar in that film. Zoolander is a tongue in cheek look at the fashion industry and Stiller plays a male model who takes himself far too seriously. There was a sequel brought out earlier in 2016 which featured a glamorous Penelope Cruz as well as members of the original cast. Now you too can take yourself far too seriously with our Zooland adult onesie.

The new Zooland Adult Onesie is the first that we have manufactured in Europe. Over the past eight years, since we started in the global onesie business, we have manufactured in Turkey, India, Peru, Sri Lanka and China. But when we were approached by a small supplier from Northern Portugal we thought we would give them a try. We think the quality is great and logistically its very efficient.

Our Zooland adult onesie is made from sky blue, cool cotton and has a penguin print all over. To match the one in the film we have made this unhooded and unfooted. We know that many of you want to use our onesies as sleepwear and if you do, cotton fabric without a hood and without integral feet is probably going to be the most comfortable. As with most of our designs it comes in seven adult sizes so you can find a good fit for most body shapes. And we hold US stock in a USA warehouse so we can dispatch rapidly using the experience of Amazon Logistics. Know anyone who likes to pose as a fashion model – buy them our Zooland onesie and watch them pout and strut their stuff. Turn your bedroom in to a cat walk.

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All measurements are in inches and for the body, not the garment

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Inside Leg30313233333536
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