Funzee Adult Pajamas – Onesie Sizing Information

Our funzee onesie sizing is actually rather simple but here is some more detailed information. When you first see your adult size onesie out of the packaging you’ll think: Wow too big! But please try it on and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They look huge because we are not used to seeing garments that are designed for the whole body, so against a shirt or pants they do look big.

Our unique onesie sizing is quite generous, and funzees are designed to be loose fit. Cuffs and ankles have elasticated ribbing to help adjust the length. We have seven adult onesie sizes to ensure you get one that fits comfortably, including Medium Generous which is for those looking to buy a onesie for adults plus size. Don’t believe those companies that say one size fits all – we come in very different shapes and sizes. Ours is Unisex Sizing so Medium is for a Medium human being – probably on the small(ish) for a man and probably large(ish) for a woman.

Confused? Please don’t be: the simplest way to get the right onesie size is to choose the nearest height from below as this determines the overall length of these adult pajama suits. Check out this introductory video, the charming, well-spoken model is about 5ft 8 and is wearing Wild Funzee in Medium.

Size Chart informationOur size chart shows our full onesie size range and indicates the measurements of the body NOT the Funzee

All measurements are listed in inches.

Details shown on the size chart are a guide for the size of the person – our Funzee’s are designed to be generous with a loose fit for maximum comfort.

Got a query about our onesie sizing – just email us for assistance, we’ll be happy to give you advice based on our own sizing experience.

Body Measurements for Onesie Sizing

Petite (XS) Small (S) Medium (M) Medium
Generous (MG)
Large (L) X Large (XL) XX Large (XXL)
All in ins
A – Height 61 64 67 67 70 73 76
B – Chest 34-36 36-38 38-41 42-44 41-43 44-46 46-48
C – Waist 28-31 31-33 34-36 36-40 36-38 37-39 39-42
D – Hips 34-36 36-38 38-41 41-43 41-43 44-46 46-48
E – Outside Sleeve 25 26 26 26 26 27 27
F – Inside Leg 30 31 32 33 33 35 36