Bumble Adult Onesie – gives a Buzz


Bee ready,  with this fleece adult onesie. Our Bumble design is made from non pil (one-side) Polar Fleece in black and gold stripes with matching black ribbing. Polar fleece is a soft polyester fabric which washes easily. This onesie sleep suit has handy pockets and is hooded for extra warmth. Our unisex sizing is comfortable for both men and women so can be worn by the whole family. You should cause quite a Buzz in this bumble funzee. Ideal if winter has a sting in the tail! We deliver fast from a US warehouse.

Sizing is simple, check the size guide below or just base it on the height of the wearer


The is our Bumble Adult Onesie. Bumble as in bee not bumble as in fumble, so no need to be humble. Its made from soft, cozy polar fleece and has black and gold stripes. Interesting funzee factoid time. Did you know there are around 250 species of bumblebee in the world, and most of these are found in the northern hemisphere, although South America has a few native species, and New Zealand has some which were introduced from Britain. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the term “bumblebee” was first recorded as having been used in the English language in 1530. Bumble means to hum, buzz, drone, or move ineptly – sound like anyone you know? Bumblebees have been declining because of changes in agricultural practices that have largely removed flowers from the landscape, leaving the bumblebees with little to feed upon. So show your support for the humble bumble and flit about in our Bumble Adult Onesie:

  • Made of soft, polar fleece (polyester)
  • Hooded which gives that extra warmth
  • Ankles and cuffs are ribbed for comfort
  • Large front pockets keep hands warm
  • OK to machine wash on cool or 40 degrees
  • All our sizing is unisex, and we have a full size range Petite (XS) – XXLarge

Order now and get your Bumble Adult Onesie in just a few days. We deliver fast from a US warehouse and we use Amazon Logistics to give you a quick and reliable service.

Our mission is to bring you fun high quality products at a low price. Bumble style is available as footed pajamas or unfooted. We have even created matching Bumble socks so you can turn your unfooted Bumble Adult Onesie in to footed pajamas but with the freshness of clean feet. They come in a gold and black stripe, have a rubberized non slip sole, and have an anti bacterial finish to keep your feet smelling Spring fresh, like a meadow daisy. Be nice and buy the bee.

Fabric Type


Hood Style


Foot Style


Buttflap Style

Without Buttflap


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All measurements are in inches and for the body, not the garment

 Petite (XS)Small (S)Medium (M)Medium Generous (MG)Large (L)X Large (XL)XX Large (XXL)
Outside Leg25262626262727
Inside Leg30313233333536
Dispatch: Next Business Day from our Upstate New York warehouse
Delivery: USPS Priority Mail as Standard