Animal Onesie – our Funzoo Range of Animal Suits

Funzoos are the animal onesie range from Funzee. Funzoos are based on animal onesie designs from Japan where they are called Kigurumi. They are hugely popular in Asia where people are happy to wear an animal onesie out in the park or down to the mall as well as to parties and festivals. They are now increasingly popular in Western countries too. That’s why we are now making a limited range of these fun, fleecey, animal one piece costumes available and have brought some to our USA warehouse so that you can choose the best one for you.  As we get feedback from you we will increase the animal suits available so if you have a favorite let us know. We can bring in herds and flocks of other cute animal onesie styles – unicorns, donkeys, elephants, sloths – all are available if you tell us you want them.

Animal Onesie Sizing

Sizing is easy – This style of animal onesie comes in two sizes so just base it on the height of the wearer!

Each design is generally loose with a long, baggy body but with elasticated wrists and ankles. This means that the suits can handle just about any body shape from height 5ft 3 – 6ft 1. So for ladies or men, granddad or younger sister, give someone the gift of laughter. We will have bigger sizes coming soon too.

Choose size M for heights 5ft 3 to 5ft 8.

Choose size L for heights 5 ft 8 to 6ft 1.

Our animal onesies are made from soft fleece so they are soft to the touch and keep you very warm – so warm that you can wear them outside in winter and still not feel cold. Like all funzee products, funzoos are only available online and are priced at just $34.95. At this price you could start your own collection – Unicorn Monday, Dinosaur Tuesday, Cow Wednesday and so on.