Adult Footed Pajamas from Funzee

Adult Footed Pajamas from Funzee

We know from feedback that many of you are looking for adult footed pajamas. We like to offer you as much choice as we can. So we now offer the footed option in several styles (see below), and in others we offer separate socks for a footed pajama look. Footed pajamas make your funzee feel like a child’s romper. Just remember though that the feet on an adult one piece are much more likely to get dirty, worn and holed than on a child’s romper. After all, babies don’t walk around and their feet don’t smell. The integral feet are made from the same fabric as the funzee – cotton or fleece. If you have a question about our adult footed pajamas, Email us now

Adult Footed pajamas look – Footed or Non slip socks

We also have a range of non slip socks to compliment your funzee. Our fun socks have an anti-bacterial finish and rubberized soles. The designs match some of our most popular adult onesies like Festival, Retro, and Cute. The socks will be less smelly than having integral feet and can be easily changed. Separate socks can be washed frequently or renewed if they get worn or holed. Check out our full range of both adult unfooted and adult footed pajamas, some come in warm polar fleece, others in cool, breathable cotton. There will be more designs coming over the next few months and we would love to read your comments and suggestions so please go to Coming Soon and let us have your feedback.

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