Best One Piece Pajamas for you from Funzee

One Piece Pajamas

Pajamas have a long international history, generally considered to have originated in Iran or India. Whereas adult one piece pajamas are relatively recent and originated in the USA. The advantages of one piece pajamas compared with the normal two piece pajama sets that most people wear, are to do with warmth and comfort. Pajama sets tend to have gaps, between top and bottom and between the buttons. Whereas one piece pajamas tend to have a strong front zipper but no gaps to make you cold. Traditionally pajamas have been seen as a mans garment whereas one piece pajamas are often unisex and can be comfortably worn by both men and women.

We have been designing and making our one piece pajamas at Funzee since 2008. We like to think of them as more than pajamas. Our designs can be worn as a one piece jumpsuit or overall and are popular for parades and festivals. We don’t just have boring plain colors. We have leopard spots, stripes, stars and moons, sheep and many more. We don’t have cheap polyester. We make both polar fleece and cotton one piece pajamas to give you a choice of quality fabrics. We also offer both footed and unfooted designs and even have matching socks for our most popular one piece suits.

When choosing one piece pajamas please consider the following:

  • The fabric you want – cotton and fleece each have advantages and disadvantages
  • Do you want a hood?
  • Do you want footed pajamas?
  • Do you want matching socks for your non-footed pajamas?
  • What size do you need? – don’t believe that one size fits all comfortably.

To see what a funzee looks like check out this funzee video. Then look at our Range of styles and check your Sizing.

Which One Piece Pajamas fabric is best?

We use a range of soft fabrics but usually either 100% jersey cotton or 100% polar fleece. Cotton is thinner, gives a natural, comfortable, breathable garment – warm in winter and cool in summer.

Polar fleece is a synthetic fabric (polyester). It is thicker for extra warmth, and gives a lovely soft finish to our adult onesies. It will also last a long time and does not age.

Both fabrics are easy to wash and should not shrink if instructions are followed (basically a cool wash and hang to dry)

To help you choose the best funzee adult onesie we say, cotton is best for all year wear and for those who want to sleep in their funzee. For those who want thicker winter warmth to lounge around, wear outside, or something for that winter sports week-end, we suggest polar fleece. This will keep you exceptionally warm – maybe too warm to wear in bed.


Most funzees come with hoods for extra warmth. Wear them outside, go shopping in them (sorry Walmart)! However, for those who might find this uncomfortable, some of our adult onesie pajamas are not hooded (try Sunshine, Retro, Festival, or Zooland funzee).

Footed vs Slipper Sox

We have footed pajamas but some customers find the feet on footed pajamas get dirty and smelly quickly. You might end up constantly washing your funzee (try smelling your slippers). Also the feet often get torn or holed so you then have to try and patch it up or throw away your footed pajamas.

Anyway, most people don’t wanted footed pajamas in bed – do you usually sleep with your slippers on? So we let you choose the best funzee for you – either footed pajamas or instead choose one of our unfooted one piece pajama suits and look at our range of soft, socks.  They are made with non-slip soles and an anti-bacterial finish for wearing round the house or in bed. Much easier to wash, and if they get a hole just put on a new pair.

Elasticated to fit foot sizes US 6-12. Only $2.95 per pair. (Because they are manufactured differently, sock colors will be close to, but may not exactly match the colors and design of similar funzee – Retro, Festival, Cute, Bumble, Wizard, Wild, Reggae).

Unisex Sizing

Forget your usual sizing! This is our own unique Funzee Unisex sizing. Simply shop by your HEIGHT.

Unisex Sizing means that our Medium should fit a medium human being (not an alien), so will be smallish for men and largish for women. Funzees are designed to be baggy. The most helpful guide to sizing is height, as this determines the overall length of the garment. Check more sizing information here Sizing

Where to Buy Onesies Online

You can buy onesies for adults at Target, Walmart and other retail stores. They will generally be cheap polyester. You won’t find our funzees in any High Street store. We only sell online. Our full range and best prices will always be from this website. We normally dispatch your order next day from our USA warehouse and we use the experience of Amazon Logistics so you can enjoy your funzee fast.

Additional Considerations

We tried designs with poppers or “snaps”, but that proved uncomfortable and unreliable. We now use a strong front zipper from neck to crotch designed to make getting in and out easy. Some customer feedback suggests that you don’t like having to take the top of the suit off in the middle of the night to attend to toilet matters. So we have Retro funzee with a Butt flap with a button down drop seat or “butt flap” (the onesie for a twosie?). And our Polar and Red, White n Blue fleece designs have the option of a rear zipper.

The cuffs and ankles on all our funzee one piece pajamas have elasticated ribbing to help adjust sizing for extra comfort.


On most of our adult onesies, there are side pockets to keep your hands warm and some also include a handy breast pocket.


We do not offer a printing service, its better to get that done locally so you can sign off exactly what you are getting, but the single color funzees in either fleece or cotton are suitable for printing. We can deliver in bulk to you local T shirt printing store and they can talk you through the options. So if you want “Jen’s Bachelorette Party” or “College Tour 2018” on the back of your funzee, have a word with your local printing store, then get in touch with us. If you are buying in volume you may get a discount – no harm in asking.


Priced from just $19.95 per item (plus $4.95 per order simple flat shipping contribution to US48 ), see order page for full price details. We also have those full body spandex suits which we call Funskins.

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Note: we are constantly striving to improve the design and manufacture of funzee so your adult size onesie may not be exactly as shown in the photos but any differences will be minor.