Other Fun Stuff for your Adult Onesie

Although we specialise in adult onesies we have also created some other fun stuff to compliment your one piece pajamas or costume. So far, there are a couple of great fleece robes in Wizard or Jet Black design. We also have those full body spandex suits which sports fans and charity fundraisers love, in plain black or electric blue. We call them funskins because they cover the whole body and are tight like a second skin. We can expand the range of spandex bodysuits if you tell us what colors or designs you want; maybe super hero suits or fan suits as well as just plain silver or green (for St.Patricks Day maybe).

Then because we know that many of you prefer unfooted one piece pajamas for sleeping in we have designed a range of matching anti-bacterial socks with non-slip soles to be worn with your adult onesie. The advantage of separate socks is that the foot part of footed pajamas can get rather dirty and smelly, maybe not great for sleeping in. They can also get holed easily. When the foot part is separate you can just put on a new pair of socks and they can be washed much more quickly and easily. This is just the start of a range of accessories. We may create a full party store with costumes, hats and masks if our customers ask for it. So if you have any other suggestions for fun clothing or related stuff please let us know and help us put the fun in funzee.

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