Footed Pajamas from the funzee range

Footed pajamas have become popular with adults as well as kids because they are cozy and fun. We offer a range of both footed and non footed pajamas but our funzees are much more than footed pajamas. They are great for all day lounging, for parties, for fancy dress or just to keep you warm. Check out our Full Range and you will find exciting, unusual and more traditional designs. We have footie pajamas for women and men but also offer some unfooted styles and some with optional fun, non-slip socks. Many designs are hooded but some customers prefer unhooded pajamas for sleeping in – so we have some unhooded styles to suit you too. Some people like the idea of a “Butt flap” or “Drop seat” so that you don’t have to zip the pajamas down if caught short in the middle of the night. We have developed designs with a horizontal rear zipper which you can see on our Polar or Red White n Blue designs (subject to a re-design now).

Footed Pajamas or is Unfooted best?

Footed pajamas remind us of our baby and toddler days, but remember babies don’t walk around much. As adults you may find the foot part wears quickly, gets holes, gets smelly and dirty. That’s why we offer a choice, and let you get the right footie pjs for your lifestyle. Footed pajamas are fun and practical. They can be worn to parties and festivals, for camping and skiing trips, you might even see them being worn down the mall. Our designs are fun and practical and we have a full adult size range from XS to XXL. Our footies start at just $29.95 and we have 100% cotton fabric, cool in summer yet warm in winter, or quality polar fleece. Most other adult footed pajamas are usually made of cheap polyester which is warm but may not be very nice to sleep in. So again we give you a choice of either quality polar fleece (which is a synthetic) or 100% cotton which is a natural breathable fabric.

If there is a different style or feature you would like in your footed pjs let us know. We are constantly improving our range and would love to have your ideas so go to Coming Soon and tell us your ideas for new footed pajama styles. And if you are after one of those full body spandex suits we have those too and we call them funskins.

Go to About our funzees to learn more about these unique, high quality, footed pajamas for adults and when you have chosen go to Buy Now.

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