Game of Thrones Footed Pajamas – Winter is Coming


Footed fleece pajamas for Game of Thrones fans. Remember “Winter is Coming”, it really is, its not just a rumor. So order now before it gets here and stay nice and warm and cozy in black fleece footed pajamas. We deliver from a US warehouse and we use Amazon’s logistics expertise as standard so you can have this fast and keep the White Walkers from freezing your bits off.

Sizing is simple, check the size guide below or just base it on the height of the wearer


We took our simple Jet Black design and embroidered “Winter is Coming” on the breast pocket and Game of Thrones fans loved it. Just in case there is anyone out there not familiar with Game of Thrones, its an HBO TV series based on the books, “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George RR Martin. The only problem is that it takes George several years to write each book installment so the TV writers have now taken over the plot. A new series comes out every year around April and we are probably 2 or 3 series away from what will be a (spoiler alert) bloody but exciting ending. Anyway, just watch the show if you want to know why it has become so popular. After we launched our first Winter is Coming design, some of you said its not enough, we need Game of Thrones Footed Pajamas. So here they are with integral feet. You can now choose to watch your favorite TV show either unfooted or with integral feet. All made with the same warm, cozy plain black polar fleece. And our designs come in seven adult sizes to get you a perfect fit. The cut is loose and baggy which means that most body sizes, both men and women, can find a size which suits them. Simply base your choice on the height of the wearer as this determines the length of the garment. These Game of Thrones Footed Pajamas are based on House Stark but can you name the mottos of any of the other houses of Westeros? How about House Targaryen:  “Fire and Blood” or House Martell: “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”. Buzzfeed has some interesting suggestions for alternative mottos from some of the Westeros clans which readers of the books might find amusing. If you have a favorite motto or quote from Game of Thrones then let us know and maybe we can create an adult onesie to include it.

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