Stripy Socks


Note: socks are not supplied on their own but only when ordered with a funzee.

Turn your adult onesie in to footed Pajamas by adding some funzee socks. Footie PJs sound great but may not be very practical. The feet get dirty and smelly (try smelling your slippers) so you would be constantly washing footed pajamas. Instead, buy a pair or two of our cotton rich, anti-bacterial socks with non-slip soles. These make great house socks, are easily washed, and if they get holed just put on a new pair. Our stripy socks come in a variety of designs to turn your funzee adult onesie in to adult footed pajamas.

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Footed pajamas or unfooted pajamas – that is a question that has challenged the finest brains since the dawn of time. Actually the answer is rather simple – give people a choice. So we have developed a range of stripy socks that match or compliment our adult onesie designs and can turn them in to footed pajamas. Our stripy socks come in one adult size which will fit shoe sizes 5-11. They have a rubberized non slip sole and an anti-bacterial finish to stop them getting smelly. They are cotton rich so easy to wash. Remember that the feet part of footed pajamas can get sweaty and smelly and easily holed. If you have separate socks they are much easier to wash and if they get holed. just put on a new pair. So far we have 9 separate designs for these stripy socks – Festival, Retro, Wizard, Reggae, Bumble, Wild, Cute, Red White n Blue, and Harlequin. Just choose a matching pair or mix and match or just get the one you like best.


  • Made of 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane
  • Partly rubberised non slip sole
  • Colorful striped designs
  • Anti-bacterial treatment
  • Machine wash on cool or 40 degrees
  • One adult size
  • Comfy house socks to turn your adult onesie into footed jammies

Like all our funzee stock, stripy socks will be sent quickly from our warehouse upstate New York. And we use USPS Priority Mail as standard so you can enjoy your order quickly.


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