Bright White Polar Footed Pajama Suit

Want to look like a fluffy, frosty the snowman or woman (no snowball jokes)? These adult onesies are pure white with dark ice blue ribbing. Great for the winter, how about slipping into your Polar funzee onesie when you come off the piste – that's skiing I think? Our Polar design is made from non pil (outside) Polar Fleece in plain white but with dark blue colored ribbing on cuffs and ankles. Polar fleece is a soft polyester fabric which is extremely warm and washes easily. This allinone suit has handy pockets and being plain white is great for those who want to accessorise or maybe even print on the back. How about “College Tour 2018”? Our unisex sizing is comfortable for both men and women. See the image gallery below.

Sizing is simple, check the size guide below or just base it on the height of the wearer

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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