Owl Animal Adult Onesie – Wing it!


For all you night owls out there, we bring you owl wings in grey/blue with a white front. The polyester fleece fabric is lightweight, soft, warm and machine washable. Like all our funzee products, these funzoo animal onesie costumes are warm and comfy and can be used as nightwear, loungewear, or Halloween fancy dress – ‘Owl at the full moon. But of course they are really great for college parties – be the wisest person there.

Sizing is easy. We have 2 sizes and to choose the right one just base it on the height of the wearer.
Choose Medium for height 5ft 2 – 5ft 7.
Choose Large for height 5ft 8 to 6ft 1


Our Owl Animal Adult Onesie is a fun animal costume made from warm. soft fleece that will keep you warm on cold nights. Owls have always had a fascination for humans and we know there are many owl fans out there. Did you know for example: Owls can rotate their heads and necks as much as 270 degrees. Owls have fourteen neck bones compared to 7 in humans which makes their necks more flexible. They also have adaptations to their circulatory systems, permitting rotation without cutting off blood to the brain. The smallest owl—weighing as little as 1 oz and measuring some 5 in—is the elf owl. The largest owl by length is the great grey owl which can attain a length of 33 in. The heaviest and largest winged owl is the Eurasian eagle-owl which can attain a wingspan of 6 and a half feet. Owls are often considered to be wise but in many Native American cultures including Cherokee, owls are a very bad omen. According to various legends, if you are outside in the broad day light and an owl flies over your head, a family member or loved one would die within the coming week. They are supposed to be able to move between the world of the living and the dead. And I am not even going to mention Harry Potter and his owl Hedwig.

But don’t worry our Owl Animal Adult Onesie costume is great for breaking the ice at parties. So if you want to hoot and toot order now. We will dispatch quickly from a USA warehouse and because we use Amazon’s own logistics capability it will be with your fast. This Owl costume is designed to be loose fit and baggy so will suit most body shapes – both men and women. And remember also if you and your girlfriend are out in these suits and it starts raining, its too wet to woo.


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