Jet Black Gown – Soft, Dark and Mysterious

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A plain black Gown to terrify the neighbors. Our fleece gown is cozy and practical but with its big sleeves and hood can also be used as a Halloween or party costume. Like all funzee products its only available online, you won't find us in any shopping mall stores.

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Following on from the success of our Wizard Gown we have created this plain Jet Black Gown which is fun, comfy and practical yet has something of the night about it. You might give your partner nightmares if they see you in this Grim Reaper Gown – nightmare nightwear.

Our black gown comes in 3 sizes so can fit the whole family.

Sizing is unisex and simple – best based on height of wearer:

Small – is suitable for 5ft 1-5ft 6ins
Medium – is suitable for 5ft 7-6ft 0 ins
Large – is suitable for 6ft-6ft 5 ins

It’s just plain black; hooded of course, in fact more like a monk’s cowl, and with huge baggy sleeves. It’s a long dressing gown designed to reach to the floor. A fun dressing gown for men, ladies or teens. It’s belted and made from heavy, high quality, soft Polar fleece so it’s warm, cozy, and easily washed.

You can use it as a bathrobe, house coat, or an unusual dressing gown; for dressing up, dressing down, or slipping in to something cooler. May be as fancy dress; wear it to parties or festivals or for Halloween if you want to look like death warmed up. Makes a unique gift for all ages and is great party wear. Your boyfriend or girlfriend would love to add this nightmare black gown to their nightwear. You could wear it over your Jet Black Adult Onesie if you want double warmth.

We want to get your ideas about what other nightwear you would like to have us produce. Got an idea for a fun gown, a retro nightshirt, a summer nightie or the most wonderful onesie ever produced? Please drop us an email and we may have a go at producing it. All our best designs come from feedback from our fans so don’t be shy, get imaginative and get designing.


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