Blue Funskin – Spandex Full Bodysuit

Born in the USA! OK so this wasn't, but our Funskin is a full spandex bodysuit or catsuit which suddenly makes you anonymous and turns you in to… The Shadow super hero. If you choose blue you can transform in to… The Blue Shadow. Its what is known as a zentai suit in the Far East

A second skin, a funskin, as they follow the curves of your body from the tip of your heady head to the end of your big tippy toe.

The stretch, elasticated fabric covers feet, hands, face, everywhere. There is a double zip at the back, which goes right to the top of the head, for ease in getting in and out. Don’t worry, you can still breathe through the fabric and see through it but ordinary people can’t see you (or your face anyway, please note you will not actually be invisible). Flies in your wine? Some say you can even drink through your funskin thereby sieving the contents but obviously we wouldn’t suggest a super hero drinks whilst on the job. And if you want to reveal your identity you can just unzip the head part and fold down.

Where to wear your lycra bodysuit.

You know these will be great for batchelor or frat. parties. Get noticed at ball games; use as a costume for that fancy dress party or charity fund raiser. At summer festivals you could take a funskin for the day and a funzee for the night. What about a corporate team building day, fun sports events, or just because you are a shy extrovert? Be remembered in this anonymous fun body suit.

Our funskin suit currently comes in 2 colors, Blue or Black but if you like them we’ll make more styles and colors.

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