World Series Fans Getting in on the Adult Onesie Fun!


Think that men are immune to the adult onesie fashion craze? Think again! Two fans of the Kansas City Royal baseball team, a World Series contender, have turned what some consider an odd fashion choice into a good luck charm, and it seems to be working.

In June, John and Paul (nope, not that John and Paul) wore matching spandex tabby-cat adult onesies to the matchup between the Royals and the Yankees. The Royals came away winners so they decided to continue the trend, hoping to preserve the winning streak for their team. The results? The Royals set a new record in the playoffs with a record of 8-0. Many are proclaiming the two as fashion heroes and master pun-makers, with the hashtag Strike ‘Em Out Right Meow making a regular appearance on Twitter.


Wear Out Your Welcome


It seems that Yankees fans were less than happy with John and Paul’s statement coinciding with the final few games of Yankees Captain and shortstop Derek Jeter. However, that did not deter the two Royal fans.

With loungewear making a strong market comeback, it’s no wonder that these two super fans have chosen comfortable onesies to make a statement. The Royals call Kansas City home. As the temperature drops in the Midwest, many have chosen warm, comfortable, and versatile adult onesies, to support their team while staying snug and warm during the last few weeks of the season.

Adult onesies have shown up everywhere! From college campuses to sporting events, they’ve even been seen on celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson and Natasha Bedingfield. They’re comfortable, cozy, and easy to take care of. As John and Paul have now proven, they’re also a good-luck charm!


Wide Variety of Adult Onesies


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