Wonderful Wired Onesies will Wow

Spandex full body suit in Electric Blue

Your Jewish News reports that someone has invented an adult onesie that comes with GPS tracking and a music library and can be used as a WiFi hotspot. Of course the obvious question is why?

This one piece suit is a 3D knitted, high tech outfit designed by designers and engineers from The Netherlands to showcase the latest and greatest in wearable technology. The suit was created by ByBorre, and to show off their work, they took the suit to the South by South West Festival in Austin, Texas. Being a show partially dedicated to new music, the suit became a platform to share music as well. The GPS allowed the wearer to be tracked online as they ran around Austin during the festival and anyone could come up and upload their music directly to the suit. Is it the future?

We aren’t clever enough to produce Wired Onesies (yet) but how about an Electric Blue spandex suit to make you look like a super-hero? Our funskins are great for fundraisers, carnivals or fancy dress and are from only $29.95.