Winter’s Coming…Got Your Adult Footed Pajamas?

Game of Thrones Pajamas

We never really outgrow pajamas.  As children we learn to seek out warmth and comfort wherever we can get it, whether it’s from mom or a doll or blanket.  It does seem a great shame that as we grow up we trade in our hefty warm blankets for boxers or nighties.  Then eventually blankets get tossed away and traded in for sheets—more efficient and lighter.

However, in the fall and winter, you learn to miss those big comfy blankets, don’t you?  Winter is coming soon enough and something is telling you that a sheet is not going to protect you from those nighttime shivers.  Well, instead of crawling under loads of old dirty blankets from last year, why not look at adult footed pajamas?

That’s right! Those warm, kid-approved pajamas are back, but this time in your size—a full adult range, from XS or petite to XXL large. Not only are these adult footed pajamas made with polar fleece, are extra comfy and hugging, but they are also hooded and zippered, giving you all the freedom you need.  If you’re looking for extra warmth, these pajamas also come fleece footed!

Happy Feet!

It seems a pain that every time you go under a blanket your toes get tossed out, leaving only 90% of your body covered—meaning 50% of your body might still be freezing since toes somehow seem extra sensitive to temperature.  Adult footed pajamas take good care of you, wrapping you literally from head to toe, in non-slip and antibacterial socks.  They also have ribbed ankles and cuffs ensuring you that no part is left uncovered—except of course for your face.  (And just insert a face mask or pillow to go full cocoon!)

The white polar style set is a traditional favorite, and multi-functional as part of your wardrobe – meaning you can wear it as pajamas, or out around the yard, or even out in public since it looks like a traditional hooded sweat suit.

One thing is for sure, when winter comes, you won’t be the one searching for a blanket.  You’ll be nicely wrapped up and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Get your winter fleece-footed onesie from Funzee today!