Why You Need an Adult Onesie

Festival Stripy Socks

You probably had a onesie as a kid and can remember fondly how comfortable your onesie was, with its bum flap and cozy footed area where your feet were kept snug. Falling asleep was a dream when wearing your onesie because it meant you were warm without being uncomfortable. So, why can’t you have that as an adult? Turns out that you can!

For the same reason that your parents dressed you in a onesie as a child, you can dress yourself in them as an adult. Adult onesies are comfy, cozy, and downright comfortable. By far, the footed ones like Funzee’s Festival Style onesie, are the most comfortable clothing item you can wear to bed. But, you can also lounge around the house in them or run errands while wearing them. While they’re convenient and comfortable, adult onesies can also be a practical decision, especially in the winter when heating bills can rise. Being wrapped up in a comfortable fleece onesie can save you money on your heating bill since you’ll be able to turn down the heat. Since our Funzees come in a snug (yet comfortable) fit, you won’t need an extra t-shirt or pants to wear them. You can even get some with their own hoods!

Festival Funzee - Adult OnesieThe adult onesie also makes a great gift for friends and family member and if you’ve got a college student in your life, even better! We hear that college student’s love wearing their adult onesies while they sleep but also wear them to class, sporting events, and parties! The different colors, patterns, and fabrics guarantee that you’ll be able to find one that suits everyone in your life and with our money back and satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that Funzee.com has your best interest at heart.

So, get yourself over to Funzee.com to check out our entire line of fun, stylish, and affordable adult onesies. We even have Funskins, spandex adult bodysuits that come in bright blue or black, for sale – a great option for sporting events! If you’re looking for something fun and safe to wear on Halloween, try out our wide selection of Funzoos – our line of animal adult onesies!

Side note: Funzees are even great for charity! Check out this adult onesie fundraiser and you’ll see why!