Who wore Festive Pjs this Christmas?

Kyle Richards leopard spot Festive Pjs

Social Media is now a buzz (like a Bumble bee) with pictures of what people gave and received and how they spent their Christmas. There are plenty of pictures of celebs showing off their festive pjs, ugly sweaters and adult onesies. For example, we learn that Michael Buble helped out at his niece’s school carol concert; David Beckham took his boys ice skating and Taylor Swift built a snowman with her boyfriend. We also see that Mariah Carey wore a Hello Kitty onesie and made gingerbread houses. Whist in Aspen on Tuesday, Mariah shared some pics of her making snowballs and sledding with the siblings as up to three inches of snow fell around them. Of course, for most of us a White Christmas was rare with unseasonably mild weather being the norm but we spotted this heart-warming story from Virginia. Trevor, a special effects designer in the film industry, knew that his wife wanted a White Christmas. So instead of festive pjs he created a fake winter wonderland outside of their Richmond home. “Everyone just stopped and played in it for a while. There was about six inches of it so we made snow angels. It was definitely, by far, the best gift I’ve ever gotten” said wife Kourtney.

Gordon Ramsay and his family posed for a selfie on Boxing Day in matching onesies and festive pjs and shared the photo with his 1.1million followers on his Instagram page. You wouldn’t want to cook the Christmas lunch in the Ramsay household because the bar for festive food is set pretty high. The chef and his family ate at the Savoy Grill on Boxing Day, followed by a trip to his Maze Grill in Mayfair. We all know how seriously Gordon takes his food; he admitted he was in tears when his New York restaurant was stripped of both its Michelin stars in 2013. And Maze also lost its one star this year, although his more famous Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea retained its three Michelin stars.

Its not only good news for celebs though. Kyle Richards is reportedly quitting The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, according to her brother-in-law. However production sources say they know nothing about Kyle’s supposed intention to leave. Nor was the reality star giving any hint of her disillusionment on her Instagram page as she posed for a pic with her two daughters in front of the fire wearing matching leopard print onesies.

And no review of social media pics would be complete without a Kardashian or two. Kourtney Kardashian has shared a video on her website, with Caitlyn Jenner also getting into the holiday spirit with a onesie featuring a green striped scarf. Khloe shared a pic of herself and family in festive pjs and giving the peace sign while posing in front of a Christmas tree and for sure there will be others.