Unusual Places to Wear Pajamas

Wear Pajamas to meet a president

This week we have some thoughts on the more unusual places where people wear pajamas. We noticed this heart warming story on Buzzfeed about a couple from Washington DC; Marissa and husband-to be, Liam, came up with the idea of a pajama wedding when his mother became seriously ill. Marissa said, “”Nearing the end of her life, my fiancé’s mom couldn’t make it to our wedding. So we brought the wedding to her.”

And you may have seen the photos this week of cute Prince George in England. He stayed up late to meet president Obama and Michelle, but had to wear pajamas so that he could go straight to bed afterwards. We predict George is going to be a social media star in a few years. Or did you catch the story about Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola and New York Giant Odell Beckham Jr. who dressed up in adult onesies from Stevan Ridley’s company, Kid-Rid, and posed for pictures in Drake’s backyard. So if you know some famous sports star its OK to wear pajamas to support their new business and if you are a young prince its OK to wear them for the president. Speaking of presidents, America Ferrera, the “Ugly Betty” star, is a big Hillary Clinton supporter and wants to binge-watch something on Netflix with the former first lady. The actress posted an open letter on the Huffington Post, “I’d like to literally stream Netflix and chill with Hillary. Seriously, I’d be down to snuggle in onesies with a pint of mint chocolate chip and do a Gilmore Girls binge with Secretary Clinton … So, yeah, I would totes be Hillary’s BFF.” So onesie pajamas are also OK to wear when meeting a future president.

But if you are flying out of San Francisco be sure to look out for the gate messages displayed by Virgin America employee Steve Freitag. He has been putting funny phrases on the screen that shows flight information at the boarding gate for years and even wore a full set of pajamas on April Fool’s Day. One of his most popular signs simply read: ‘Have a good flight, muggles’. On another sign Steve has quoted David Bowie and even reminded passengers that the ‘mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell’. Let us know if you have any suggestions for amusing signs that could be shown at departure gates.