What’s the best price for pajamas?

Best Price for Pajamas -Cute Funzee Adult Onesie

This week we thought we would ask what’s the best price for pajamas? But first, in a timely follow up to last week’s blog amount men’s sleepwear we saw that WWE star John Cena shared his sleepwear habits on NBC’s “Today”. He likes to sleep “as he was made” – so no XXXXXL onesie needed for John.

This week’s ramblings on the best price for pajamas were prompted by news reported on AOL Money that an auction of Elvis memorabilia has raised more than half a million dollars. No surprise there you might think but a number of the lots were withdrawn even before bidding started including a white jumpsuit and a signed guitar. The problem was provenance in other words how can you tell that it’s an Elvis jumpsuit worth $’000s and not just a Walmart one worth $30? Ethical auction houses are very concerned to make sure that what they sell is as described. The auction business relies on good faith – a few wonky lines on a bit of paper are worthless unless you can show that they were done by Picasso. The most expensive item sold during this auction at Gracelands, at a cool $62,500, was his handgun, engraved with ‘Elvis’ and ‘TCB’ (Taking Care of Business – what he called his backing band). A standard plain black suit that Elvis wore in the 1962 film “It Happened at the World’s Fair” sold for $25,000 whilst a pair of his pajamas went for $15,000. That compares with the most expensive Elvis apparel ever sold, a peacock jumpsuit in 2008 for $300,000.

Is that a good price to pay for sleepwear? Designer Derek Rose has a range of striped satin men’s pajamas at $275, with some silk pajamas climbing into the $1,200-$1,400 mark. The company primarily targets men and the most expensive offering in its current U.S. collection is a $4,500 cashmere dressing gown. Online fashion store Net-A-Porter offers a Chantilly lace-trimmed silk-satin nightdress at $1,545. Iconic upmarket London store Harrods can offer a Carine Gilson Classic Short Silk Kimono for $1,950. We have also noticed a three-piece pajama set from fashion label “The Row” costing up to a whopping $3,400. This brand was created by child stars and fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Their pajama set comes with a $1,890 macro cotton jacquard jacket that is made of USA and Italian material with long sleeves and a cinched waste. The silk camisole made to be worn under it is just $520 while the matching pants, a blend of silk and spandex, cost $990.

We are almost embarrassed to say that the best price for pajamas from funzee is $29.95 for our Cute cotton adult onesie.