What’s new in Sleepwear and Pajama trends

Pajama trends include Matching doggy pjs

This week we thought we would take a look at sleepwear and pajama trends prompted by an interesting video from glamour magazine. They look at the most popular sleepwear in each decade over the past 100 years. As you might expect, it tracks the modest covered up look from the 1920s, through the glamorous satin of the 1950s, to the more revealing, sexy sleepwear look of the 1990s. When it comes to the current decade, the 2010s, we see new pajama trends with fun sleep suits such as animal onesies and the rise of using traditional silk sets to create chic daywear. Of course the history of pajamas goes back more than 100 years with most people agreeing that both the name and garment come from the Indian sub-continent and were brought back to Europe, and from there to the US, by the British colonials in the eighteenth century. Another fun video for an upmarket pajama brand shows a dream like sequence for a sleepwalker being shown around Stockholm Sweden by their dog. A great way to advertise the comfort of good quality sleepwear. And a couple of pajama trends from around the world might interest you. If you are a dog owner who really wants to share their life with the dog why not buy matching pajamas for Christmas? Yes you can now buy your pooch a doggy version of your own pajamas from an Australian company as featured in our pic. You know its only a matter of time before we bring out matching onesies for you and your dog. But if you want cute sleepwear, the best country to look for pajama trends is Japan. Browse through this article for animal shaped pillows, a cuddly soft kitten which pulses gently to help you get into a calming sleep rhythm, onesie pajamas Japanese style and unusual sleep masks.