Wearing One-Piece Pajamas to the Store Isn’t as Lame as You Think

It used to be some people shunned those who stepped out in their “jammies” to go to the store. But thanks to Funzee, stepping out in onesie pajamas may no longer been seen as ‘taboo.’ Why are one of these onesies made of soft cotton or flannel changing the way Americans or UK residents see “jammies?” You might not have heard of these one-piece, super-comfortable lounge wear, but some of Hollywood’s trend-setting actors and actresses have been spotted wearing our Funzees!

The answer may be in the name. What could possibly be more lovable than cute onesie pajamas with teddy bears? What makes this lounge wear different than other “onesies” on the market? It may be the fact that they are made of a lightweight jersey cotton. This material makes them comfortable and warm without being too hot. It also means they are comfortable lounge wear because they are not made from heavy material. With a zipper-down front, these newest jammies remain versatile and are easily washable. However, you do need to wash on cool, or 30 degrees, to keep those cute teddy bears from fading.

Why these are a ‘beary’ good Choice

If you aren’t a teddy bear fan, no worries. There are plenty of different, fun, patterns to choose from with these one-piece pajamas. The nice part about these jammies is that they do not dig into your ankles and become uncomfortable after hours of wear. There is ribbing around the ankles that allows for a comfortable fit. There is also no need to worry about going out and freezing your hands off this winter. One smart feature is that the cute Funzee with teddy bears (as with other styles of these fun lounge wear pieces) include large front pockets. However, the very best feature may be that there is a large breast pocket. This feature allows you to carry your wallet or grocery list without worry you will lose anything and have no place to keep both hands warm.

Why is this sleepwear suddenly so popular? Americans may not have noticed, but these colorful onesie jammies appeared in a 2007 episode of the popular TV show, “Scrubs.” If the name isn’t any indication, these “onesies” are all about having fun. After the scrubs appeared on “Scrubs,” more people are taking notice of our super-fast, next-day delivery, and excellent customer service.