Use your Pajamas to Celebrate

Green Onesie Pajamas to Celebrate

Who would have thought that it would become popular to use pajamas to celebrate or sometimes make a protest? We often notice stories which involve some group fundraising in adult onesies or using pajamas to celebrate a particular day. Here is an example of elementary students relaxing in their PJs to celebrate National Read across America Day, and also Dr. Seuss week. From up in Canada we noticed the use of pajamas to promote the launch of McDonalds All Day Breakfast. The first 100 customers got custom designed pajamas and everyone who turned up for the pajama fun got a free McMuffin, hashbrown and coffee – that’s what a call a night out. From England, a National charity “Young Epilepsy” is appealing to everyone across the UK to back Purple Day on Sunday, 26 March 2017. They are asking the British public to dress in their best pajamas for a day in March to raise money for, and awareness of, the condition. Their fundraising director explained “Epilepsy is a complex condition and getting a good night’s sleep can be an important factor in managing it. So although the ‘PJs for Purple Day’ campaign is a fun way to encourage fundraising, it seemed a poignant way to encourage people to get involved too.” On an even more serious note, we saw some people wearing pajamas to celebrate International Women’s Day in Philadelphia. Bucks County resident Nicole Melara spent the day in her Wonder Woman pajamas – “I said, ‘Ya know what? I’m just not gonna get dressed,” she said, wearing a white fuzzy robe to keep her warm. With her 14-year-old daughter she was among hundreds of protesters who marched through Center City last Wednesday evening in honor of International Women’s Day. And you can always rely on the Irish to celebrate more or less anything. They had their own National Pajama Day with over 55,000 children taking part across the country last week. Talking of Irish and celebrations, next week is Saint Patrick’s Day and our image shows one dog who is going to use onesie pajamas to celebrate.