Time to Celebrate with your Pajamas and Adult Onesies

Time to Celebrate with your Pajamas and raise money in our Adult Onesies

We are now into October and the start of the season to Celebrate with your Pajamas and Adult Onesies. It’s become popular to celebrate with your pajamas and there are lots of excuses coming up: Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve. But as well as these big festive occasions people are using our adult onesies for all sorts of fun fund raising. In the UK recently there was an attempt on the record to get the most people in adult onesies gathered together at the same time. The current record is held by a group in China (of course) who managed 1,879 people back in 2015. The UK attempt managed a total of 326 adult onesie wearing supporters but it helped to raise funds, and generate publicity, for a local hospice. Another world record was set in the USA this August. To celebrate National Roller Coaster Day, Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey says 167 fans showed up in their super hero pajamas or adult onesies as part of the DC Summer of Super Heroes. Riders spent one hour riding BATMAN: The Ride, exclusively to set the world record for the most riders wearing pajamas on a roller coaster. This week a couple of local events caught our eye: Time Out reports that on the afternoon of October 14, hundreds of people intend to march across the Brooklyn Bridge together in their pajamas. Named the Pajama Walk, the event is part of a fundraiser for the Pajama Program, a nonprofit organisation that works to curb child sleeplessness. Some of you might find this a bit fishy, but at the 38th annual Yarmouth Seaside Festival in Cape Cod, as well as the usual fireworks and parades you can enjoy the “Running of the Beds” race. This event involves themed teams wearing their pajamas and pushing bed-like vehicles along a quarter-mile course. If you have plans to celebrate with your pajamas or adult onesies and are raising money for a deserving cause, let us know we will try and help.