Interesting videos in our Sleepwear Inspired News

Interesting Videos like a Dogs Onesie

In this week’s sleepwear inspired news we have noticed some interesting videos but first a story we saw on the Refinery 29 website and we are not sure if it’s a joke, after all we are close to April 1st. As they say in the article “A generous helping of Frosted Flakes completes that idealized image of a kid hanging out in her Power Rangers pajama set watching hours of Saturday morning cartoons.” Then along comes a trendy UK start-up called Cereal Motel which produces adult themed cereal. The cereals, which include Porn Flakes, are sexy and silly and the perfect addition to your well-balanced, sex-positive breakfast. But I think you have to ask why? Then we saw a cute video posted by the parents of twin two year old toddlers from New York.  In this two minute time lapse session we see them having fun with their own pajama party when they should be asleep. Then we noticed an inspiring video from our friends in Ireland about elderly swimmers who enjoy a swim in the sea to keep fit. Bear in mind its cold and rough in the Atlantic around Ireland but Tom McCarthy, who is 63, finds it exhilarating and says “Your whole body is tingling, like the blood is rushing through your body like champagne. It’s effervescent…I don’t want to die in my pyjamas. I don’t want to die in my boots. I want to die in my togs.” But it’s not all fun and games in the world of interesting videos featuring pajamas and onesies. You may remember last year saw a pajama wearing granny become a hero when CCTV video was posted of her challenging home intruders. Perhaps we at funzee have been a little slow to post some interesting videos featuring our products. Here is a rather boring information video about what is a funzee onesie but if you can produce something more exciting let us know and we’ll maybe send you some free product to show case.