Look forward to a Cozy Fall

Retro funzee pajamas for a Cozy Fall

All our seasons have some good things and some bad things about them. There is a Winter Wonderland, a Sunny Summer, and an Invigorating Spring bursting with life. So what about a cozy Fall? Many of us don’t like the Fall because the evenings close in, plants stop growing, the trees are bare and the air is cool and damp. But let’s look on the bright side and think about a few of our favorite cozy Fall things. If you are Julie Andrews it might be, “Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels. Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles”. But for us, Fall means an excuse to join the animals in hibernation mode. So pull the drapes to keep the depressing weather outside and get in to some comfy loungewear to snuggle down in front of a real fire. Watching the embers glow and the flames flicker is a natural way to unwind. How about toasting some crumpets or marshmallows. It’s especially appropriate this week because, as Fox News reported, Wednesday November 4 has been designated National Stress Awareness Day. You will need comfort food with plenty of carbs to bulk up and fight the coldest months. So how about sharing some Mac n Cheese? As we get towards the end of November and into December you are going to have to worry about gifts, who to invite for Christmas, whether to go to that party, how to pretend that you haven’t put on weight again. But for now, the excitement of summer is behind us and the stress of the festive season is still a ways over the hill. You can dig out your winter wardrobe and archive all those flimsy summer clothes. You won’t be needing the shorts and flip flops for a few months, so put them away and get out the old favorite sweater. Don’t forget your woollen gloves and that cute matching hat and scarf set. When the real winter bites you will need that thick, warm apparel as well thermal underwear. Just remember, there is no such thing as bad weather only the wrong type of clothes. Be prepared so you can enjoy a cozy Fall.