Summer Silly Season is upon us

May Day Festival Celebrations

Today marks the summer solstice – normally the 21st June, it’s a little earlier this year because its a Leap Year. The solstice is the time when the sun is overhead at its most Northerly point and therefore gives us the longest day in our Hemisphere. The summer silly season of festival fun is in full swing. From Avon, Ohio we noticed their Heritage Duck Tape Festival fashion show. Contestants were judged wearing outfits of their own creation made completely out of Duck Tape. Participants were encouraged to create an outfit that tied in to the festival’s Americana theme. Our image shows five children dressed as ducks from different countries to represent America’s melting pot and they won second prize. Music wise we have just had Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Electric Daisy Festival from Las Vegas. Soon we will have arguably the most famous festival in the world: Glastonbury in the UK has a fantastic line-up this year which includes Adele, Coldplay, Muse and New Order. And we have been promised tributes to Bowie, Lemmy and Prince. For this festival season there is plenty of advice out there about where to go, what to wear and what to take with you. For example Gear Junkie gave us a review of the best gear to take with you.

The big festivals are no longer for the kids. The average age of a festival attendee is 33 and for Glastonbury itself the average age is 36. Perhaps not surprising when a ticket costs over $300 and they sell out immediately anyway. If you want to visit then you better get on with it because Glastonbury may not be there much longer. The owners of the site, Worthy Farm, and festival organisers are in talks to move everything to a new site away from Glastonbury in 2018 or 2019. Will it be the same? Glastonbury grew partly because of the New Age mystique which surrounds the area. Plenty of locals will tell you it’s the centre of the universe and others believe the legendary King Arthur is buried there. From the biggest summer festival to the smallest. We saw this report that Hunter Wellington boots has created the world’s smallest festival, within a portable toilet, in a London store. A chance to experience the delights of a summer festival from the comfort of a mobile toilet – it must be the silly season.