Summer madness as the silly season is nearly over

Summer madness its a Dog Onesie

It’s the end of August which means the silly season of summer madness is almost over and we can start looking forward to cooler weather, shorter days and back to school. There was summer madness at the MTV Video Music Awards last night when Drake missed out on picking up  his award for best hip hop video after getting ‘stuck in traffic’. The unplanned mishap meant his prize was kept by Diddy but luckily Drake showed up later to give girlfriend Rihanna the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. There were mixed reviews of the show itself with Vanity Fair critic Richard Lawson tweeting: ‘I wish I was stuck in traffic.’ New York traffic is another case of Sucks in the City.

Another bit of summer madness is for all Xbox fans. Microsoft might have been a bit slow to exploit their merchandise sales but news from Australia this week that there is now an Xbox adult onesie available. Microsoft describe it as “the perfect loungewear attire for true entertainment fans!” Features of this onesie include “enlarged pockets” so they can take both your Xbox controller and TV remote, forearm grips “to prevent slipping on those ‘edge of your seat’ moments,’” and an “extra-large hood” so you can wear a headset “for the ultimate gaming sessions.” The arms and legs are described as “roll-able…to cater for all temperatures and seasons.” The onesie seems to come in plain white or plain black fleece much like our Polar or Jet designs. No news yet of pricing or where else it will be launched but may be Australia was chosen because its winter down there and these fleece adult onesies are hot stuff.

And here is a bit of summer madness from Atlanta where a dog rescue center had the idea of dressing hard to home dogs up in cute onesie pajamas to help them find a home. It started with a bull terrier called Paul Anka (no idea before you ask), who was being ignored. Staff at the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta came up with the brilliant idea of dressing Dress Paul Anka in pajamas, and offering him to prospective adopters as an overnight guest. It worked and the happy dog is now re-homed (and re-named). Now LifeLine are trying the same thing with another group of dogs so watch out for cute pets in cute onesie pajamas and maybe invite one over for a sleepover.