Slumbering questions for sleepwear users

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A couple of debates amongst sleepwear users rumble on. Is it acceptable to wear your pajamas out in public and is it better to wear sleepwear in bed or go just as naked as the day you were born? Here is an interesting view for sleepwear users who might be put off by sleeping in the nude. There are supposed to be some health benefits, largely because you shouldn’t sleep too hot and it’s easier to regulate your body temperature. We always suggest pure cotton for sleepwear users. It’s a natural breathable fabric which helps you stay cool in summer and warm in winter.  The chances of a good night’s sleep are also helped by having a bedtime routine that relaxes you, so no computer screens or loud music. A calming routine is even more important for kids to get to sleep. Research reported by Huffington Post found that moms and dads spend an average of 140 hours a year trying to get their child to sleep, just think that works out to nearly 18 full workdays. This was based on findings that it usually takes parents 25 minutes to get their kids into bed each night so about three hours a week or 140 hours per year. And 77 per cent of moms and dads say bedtime routines leave them exhausted. We have seen before a social media debate about whether it is acceptable for Moms to wear their sleepwear on the school run. The discussion was re-ignited among sleepwear users this week down in Australia. A heated discussion got under way on their morning breakfast show with some viewers saying it was unacceptable and people should have more self-respect, whilst others were more sympathetic to the lives of busy moms and argued it was crazy to be offended by what other people wear. So sleepwear users, if you are going out on the school run how about brightening up your neighbors lives by wearing our favorite festival adult onesies.