A Short Selection of the Best April Fool Jokes

April Fool - T mobile adult onesie

As expected, a great assortment of April Fool jokes this year but also as expected it’s become difficult to spot the pranksters from the fake news stories. Adweek got in early with some brands wanting to roll out their hoaxes on Friday March 31st to reach the millions at work computers. Their selection of stories included the Chicago Cubs – defending World Series champions – who faked a game on Twitter on Friday whereas they actually open their season today. If you like dark humor you may have appreciated the press release from website funeral booker (who knew?), which announced an innovative new DIY cremation service, Crem Mate, aiming to set the funeral industry alight by allowing families to bid loved ones a warm farewell from the comfort of their own home. On a lighter note, tech companies always like an amusing innovation on April 1st. Google Chrome has created Google Gnome, a voice activated device like Google Home but for the back yard. Google Maps revisited a popular prank it did in 2015 and lets you play Pac-Man on your maps. From windy Holland, Google Netherlands released Google Wind, which will use windmills to blow all the clouds away from the Netherlands. Whiskey lovers will enjoy the prank from Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. They claim to have found a long-lost barrel created 230 years ago by their founder, but due to evaporation, there’s only one glass left. In fact, You tube have a great selection of April fool videos including favorites from The Simpsons. The BBC brought us their selection of the best April Fool jokes; was anyone fooled by the announcement from Emirates that they were designing the world’s largest commercial aircraft? The triple decker would include a swimming pool, games room, gym & park. Those with long memories may recall that the BBC produced what many consider one the finest April Fool stories for TV back in 1957 when they broadcast a news feature about the pasta harvest in Italy. This showed spaghetti growing on pasta bushes and fooled a lot of people in a more innocent media age. Now its gonna be harder to fool people, but Nasdaq reported this press release from T-Mobile US: “Launches Full Body Wearable T-Mobile ONEsie”. Powered by a T-Mobile smartphone, T-Mobile ONEsie isn’t just a fitness tracker, but a full-body fitness tracker on steroids, monitoring one’s vital signs, sleeping, waking, breathing, movement, body position and much more from head to toe. T-Mobile says that all wearables that have come before ONEsie are “utter crap.” April Fool or the future of adult onesies? And again, everyone knows that Australia has the world’s deadliest …. (insert you own here e.g. snake, spider, women) so no surprise when some joker reported the Danger Ranger, a new piece of tech which is a  “Dangerous Wildlife GPS Scanner”. The Ranger is described as a Star Trek-style tricorder packed with “67 DNA profiles of dangerous creatures – you can now sleep easy in the outback knowing that your Ranger will alert you to any nasties. If you want to play the fool, try our harlequin funzee, from only $21.95 and that’s no joke.