Seasonal Sleepwear but what is the Season?

Seasonal Sleepwear matching Zooland Adult Onesie

We are into the Fall when people start to think about their seasonal sleepwear. But what is appropriate for this time of year? Some of us are having frosts whilst others are enjoying music festivals in the warm sunshine. Yahoo finance brought us this summary of great images of matching pajamas. They are already thinking ahead to seasonal sleepwear for Christmas. But in the sun of Texas they had the second weekend of Austin City Limits Music Festival. And in California they have only just enjoyed the Desert Trip music festival and how is this for a line-up? The night-time only, three-day concert opened with nobel prize winner Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones on Friday; Neil Young and Paul McCartney on Saturday, and finished with Roger Waters and The Who on Sunday. Average age of these performers must be 70 plus. No wonder the event is dubbed “Oldchella” by the LA Times. Bob Dylan is proving elusive to some. It was reported this week that the organisation that awards the Nobel Prize for Literature has said it has stopped trying to contact US singer Bob Dylan about being this year’s prize winner.”Right now we are doing nothing,” said Sara Danius, permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy.

Here is an interesting look at seasonal sleepwear. According to research, 50% of sleepwear sales occur in the fourth quarter so a large part is driven by the gift market. The article looks at new brands which are spurning seasonal sleepwear and instead designing pajamas to be comfortable all year round. What we wear in bed can affect the quality of our sleep and ultimately our health so fabric choice is critical. We still think that cotton is the best choice. It’s a natural fabric, yet hard wearing and easy to wash.  If your choice of seasonal sleepwear is going to be matching adult onesies then how about our Zooland design. It comes in sizes to suit both men and women and is made from 100% cotton. Manufactured in Europe, this style is both unhooded and unfooted so should be ideal for getting a good night’s sleep whatever the season.

Next time we are going to have to look at Halloween costumes and what we can offer to help you design your own.