The season of high fashion Onesies and silly Onesies

Australia fashion onesies and pajamas

We have always claimed that the adult onesie is a versatile garment and recent stories really show what we mean. High fashion onesies were out in force at the BET awards. These were established fifteen years ago by the Black Entertainment Television (BET) network to celebrate African Americans in various fields of entertainment. Their voting academy is made up of about 500 people from the music industry, media, and high profile bloggers. This article from Bustle states, “The jumpsuit proved its worth as a style staple tonight for sure; looking fantastic on stars ranging from Beyoncé to Alicia Keys, in styles that ranged from the dramatically dapper to bohemian romance, this onesie wonder made effortless red carpet style look easy.” From fashion onesies to something a little less formal. We read that two Irish women are running a crowdfunding campaign for their business venture WellyWetSuit.  They have designed a Waterproof Onesie which offers head to toe protection and is aimed at festival goers in those parts of the world where summer is a bit erratic.

Pajamas too are showing their versatility. We see that Australian airline Qantas has introduced new business class pajamas. For this summer only to celebrate the Olympics,  business class travellers on key international routes will be issued with the PJs in patriotic green and gold (Australia’s colors), with the kangaroo on the front and the hashtag #RoadtoRio on the back. And here is a story from Scotland but for adults only. A Ms Brown took to social media to show the dangers of looking out for fashion onesies or similar sleepwear. She found a cute pair in retailer Ann Summers but when she got home and put them on she realised that the design showed people having sex.  Perhaps Brown should have paid more attention to the small print, the retailer makes clear on its website the summer pajamas may look cute and innocent “but upon closer inspection…it’s naughtier than you think.” A warning maybe that fashion onesies and pajamas need to be looked at carefully to see if they are appropriate for the occasion. If in doubt you can rely on our Cute style adult onesie which has teddies not engaged in sex on them and all for only $26.95.