Ridiculous Pajama Stories might not be an April Fool

Ridiculous Pajama Stories

Be on the look-out for ridiculous pajama stories this week-end as tomorrow, April first, is April Fool’s Day. We looked at this in more detail last year in our blog “Play the Fool Adult Onesie” but we are expecting some great hoaxes on social media. To get you in the mood, there were a couple of news stories which might be inspired by April Fool – in these days of fake news it’s hard to tell. From the Roanoke Times, this headline caught our attention, “If your life were an article of clothing, what would it be?” Frankly, this is something we hadn’t considered. The blogger concluded, “I would pick a nightgown — something comfy, cozy and forgiving”. Now you think we are going to say an adult onesie – something fun and versatile that you can lounge all day in. But no, we want our life to be represented by a tuxedo, something that James Bond might wear, classy and well-cut that would leave you shaken but not stirred. Or how about a tartan vest; could keep you in check, hugs close to the skin like an old friend. But talking of smelly things close to the skin we then saw, from student newspaper the Eyeopener, “Girl wears nothing but same pair of pajamas for two years”. Apparently one of their students is on a four year long mission to wear nothing but the same pair of pajamas every day for the entirety of her undergrad. and she is already two years in. You might think this is another of those ridiculous pajama stories but there is much support for her project and she has a growing social media following. Then someone says they have found someone who has written a book about onesies. Diana McDonough’s new novel is called “Stuck in the Onesies” but sadly it’s not about wearing your onesie pajamas for four years it’s a reference to the game of jacks where getting stuck in the onesies on the first turn means forever playing catch-up. No fake news here, bet you can’t wait for next week’s ridiculous pajama stories.