Retro Funzee on Tour – the adult onesie for all occasions

Funzee Adult Onesies pajamming in Washington

Our adult onesies are so versatile that some people even wear them when visiting the nation’s government. But on a serious note, these garments have become popular because they are fun, comfortable and can be worn for all sorts of occasions.
In Europe, our cotton funzees are worn at music festivals and summer events. College students like them because they cut down on packing as they can be used as both pajamas and for lounging around. Because they look funny when a group of you wear them, they are ideal for fundraising events. And in winter, fleece adult onesies are so warm that you can wear it as an undergarment or take it on ski week-ends.
So with a onesie wardrobe you will always have a suitable garment whatever the occasion. Check out our adult onesie range, we offer both fleece and cotton styles, hooded and unhooded, footed and unfooted. Get a Monday onesie, a Tuesday onesie, a Wednesday onesie… know the rest.