We predict 2017 is the year to care about sleepwear

care about sleepwear with Tom Brady

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is the man to care about sleepwear. He has partnered with Under Armour and just released new recovery sleepwear pajamas complete with amusing commercials. Brady is a notorious sleep fanatic. He has said he usually aims to get to bed by 9 p.m or even earlier during the season.  In 2016, despite missing the first four games and despite being 39 years old Brady threw 28 touchdown passes in 12 games, with just two interceptions. The Pats finished 11-1 in Brady’s starts, and 14-2 for the season; once again New England enters the NFL playoffs as the top seed. Tom Brady advises six rules for sleeping well:

Shut down devices 30 min before sleep & quiet the mind.

Sleep is better if you train your body to get into a rhythm.

The ideal sleep temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Create a quiet environment.

Keep your room clean. Contaminants like animal dander and dust restrict your breathing.

Wear Athlete Recovery Sleepwear – care about sleepwear.

Say what? Tell me more about that last one: well the Quarterback is the face of Under Armour’s new tech-enabled pajamas, which were launched last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. But Brady is not just a pretty face. According to Sports Illustrated, the idea for the pajamas came from Brady himself. Brady knew about far infrared energy after an injury in 2014. He then asked Under Armour to incorporate it into their sleepwear and they worked with Brady for 18 months to balance comfort and performance with the right amount of bioceramic coverage. Yes, the inside of these garments have a soft bio-ceramic print, which can produce something called far infrared energy when combined with natural heat from a sleeping body. According to Under Armour this far infrared can reduce inflammation, promote relaxation, and increase blood flow. The soft sleep shirts, joggers, and shorts will be at stores soon, but at $160 to $200 per set they better work. Time Magazine spoke with Michael Hamblin at Massachusetts General Hospital who is also an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. He says that it’s reasonable to expect a garment emitting far infrared energy to help sleep. Apparently, science has shown that this energy may improve long-term pain, help blood flow, and improve muscle recovery. “People who use far infrared can expect various benefits,” says Hamblin. “And better sleep is almost certainly one of them.”

The quarterback noted he wears the pants throughout the day even at practices. “It’s just an incredible product. It really is. I’m not going to waste my time on anything that doesn’t work… your body is your asset and that is how you can play every day. I want to feel great everyday.” At the same time he revealed he would be joining Instagram. As of last Monday, he had posted twice and gained 779,000 followers – you could call them the Brady bunch. We too care about sleepwear so maybe its time to design the far infrared onesie – far out.