Pit Bulls in Pajamas

Frog Animal Onesie Pajamas

Pet onesies you say? Check out this article from the UK Mirror on Crufts 2015 pooches in onesies – adorable!

On that same note, a young lady in Canada has taken up knitting to bring breed awareness to the often misunderstand Pit Bull breed.

Stephanie Karr first began knitting onesies for her dogs, Thor and Zeus, after she noticed that Canada’s harsh and brutal winters were doing a number on their skin and health. It was so cold out that they didn’t want to step one foot outside, even for potty breaks, so Karr had the bright and adorable idea of doggie onsies. Made from warm fleece, the onesies feature bright and bold patterns and keep Thor and Zeus warm and safe from the elements but also had an affect that Karr didn’t intend. In the past when she would walk Thor or Zeus, some would shy away from them because of their breed. Now, dressed to the nines in their pajamas, Karr says that she, Thor, and Zeus get approached much more often and she’s able to show that Thor and Zeus are huggable, sweet, and friendly dogs just like any others.

When Karr shared Thor’s picture on Facebook, she was surprised to find that she became inundated with requests from pet owners for their own onesies. The onesies come with an open belly and bottom so pets can wear them for days at a time and still move around comfortably and go about their personal business. Because of her endeavor, Karr has started her own business Pajamas for Pitbulls and hopes to raise enough money via Kickstarter to kick off her own home based business. Karr makes the pajamas custom sized so even small dog owners and owners with dogs larger than Pit Bulls can take part in the fun. The onesies feature a wide variety of patterns like the Batman logo, red onesies with cartoon dogs, and even argyle onesies. The Pajamas start in price at $25 and can increase from there, depending on size and features chosen. Karr says that even though the onesies are meant for warmth and comfort, the best part of her jobs is dismantling the ‘bad breed’ image that often comes with pit bulls and pit bull type dogs.

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