Onesie Pajamas on your Christmas List?

Dog needs onesie pajamas on his Christmas List

You can’t beat a cute dog in pajamas for getting people to read your blog. So thanks to Huffington Post which this week brought us the story of Ollie Knucks . He is an abandoned bull terrier puppy from Oregon. His bad treatment has left him with sensitive skin and he now has to wear dog pajamas to stop other dogs licking off the ointments and oils he needs to make his skin better. Maybe he needs a dog onesie on his Christmas list.

In our blog last week we noted how some airlines offer pajamas or even adult onesies to help their long haul business class customers sleep. Last Friday American Airlines announced it would be getting in on the act, offering complimentary pajamas to passengers on the 14-hour trek from Australia to the West coast.

Following the stir made by Woody Harrelson wearing pajamas to the Mocking Jay film premiere in Paris, we read that his co-star Liam Hemsworth appears to be an adult onesie fan. While promoting the film in China he was photographed on the Great Wall wearing what looked like a panda animal onesie. And this week during an appearance on Kelly and Michael he sported onesie pajamas with a panda print on them. We don’t have a panda animal onesie available yet but perhaps Liam would like to put our Frog animal onesie on his Christmas list. Then we can all wish him a very Hoppy Christmas?

And finally before we all get bogged down with winter weather and preparations for the Holiday Season how about making plans for next summer’s music festivals? Too soon? Well, early news is out from some of the bigger events. For example we learn that Mumford & Sons, Kings of Leon, Florence + The Machine, and Deadmau5 have already been announced as the headliners at the annual Firefly Music Festival. That’s an impressive line up so if you fancy heading to Delaware in the middle of June next year then get your tickets soon or put them on your Christmas list.