Pajamas everywhere we look

Pajamas everywhere - even Kilimanjaro

This week there seemed to be pajamas everywhere we looked. In the UK, as the weather continued to try and make outdoor events look like a mud bath, Glastonbury kicked off but many fans were delayed due to flooding. Our top tip for the lucky VIPs, or super rich; arriving by helicopter makes everything easy. At Glasto’s luxury campsites, the short stay will set you back around $15,000. But for that you don’t just have access to luxurious beds and the finest tents, but also Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, vitamin-infused toilet tissue (worth over $100 each apparently), a well stocked bar and drivers on stand-by, ready to speed you to the front of the stage. Some guests even bring pajamas to change into before relaxing in crisp luxurious bed linen whilst the ordinary folk try and grab a little sleep in a mud soaked sleeping bag crammed in a two man tent with eight others.

You may also have heard of the Euros, a European Soccer competition that takes place every four years and identifies the best national soccer team in Europe. That championship is taking place in France just now and still we see pajamas everywhere. The French team’s kit has been criticised for looking like a pair of blue pajamas, but the big story has been about Hungary goalkeeper Gabor Kiraly, now nicknamed “The Pajama Man”. At 40 years old, he’s the oldest player in the tournament’s history and has become a fan’s favourite with match winning, or match saving, performances to help ensure Hungary beat everyone’s expectations, including a 3-3 thriller with Portugal. He wears his lucky grey jogging pants which look like pajama bottoms. And some Hungarian employers have agreed to their employees having a pajama day as a mark of respect for their team’s performance so far.

We also learned that you will soon be able to buy “Halo” pajamas. You know, Halo the X-box game. Can you believe that as of February this year, non-gaming Halo products have generated $1.5 billion in sales? Microsoft have announced a group of new licencing partners for their Halo brand that will make all sorts of things like Halo-branded sunglasses, pajamas, greeting cards, slippers, and more. In a news release, Microsoft said fans can look forward to “exciting new Halo-themed products for years to come.”

And when we say pajamas everywhere, how about this guy from Australia who is going to wear animal onesie pajamas on his trek up Kilimanjaro. Nathan Taiaroa will be taking a fundraising group up Kilimanjaro dressed in their animal onesies to raise funds for disadvantaged students in Kenya and Tanzania. Nathan has decided on a Giraffe Onesie, “I will have proper gear underneath it as well,” he said. “I normally have two pairs of thermals, one to two layers of fleece and a ski jacket…It is a very big onesie.” See what we mean, pajamas everywhere, even on top of Africa’s highest mountain.