Are pajamas and adult onesies getting too serious?

taking pajamas and adult onesies seriously

We ask if pajamas and adult onesies are getting too serious because of stories like this one from Yahoo. Target have again gotten in to trouble with social media when a mother spotted a onesie with the words “Future President” on the chest. Cute you might think, but no, because this item was in the boys section. Her resulting tweet quickly went viral with over 2,000 retweets and 5,000 likes. Targets reply, “First and foremost, we’re sorry this guest was disappointed during her recent trip…. [The onesie] is available for a limited time in our stores to coincide with the election. Our store teams have been placing it within the department where there is open space.” Maybe we are too quick to take offence and release the baying mob of social media. (Actually around Halloween is probably a good time to release a baying mob – to fight off Frankenstein, Vampires and the like.) Anyway, Target was also criticised last month for a “Batgirl” shirt, which featured a to-do list on the front.  These included “dryclean cape” and “wash batmobile.” Some customers felt the shirt negatively enforced gender stereotypes but of course the real issue is that Alfred surely organises the cleaning and washing at the Wayne mansion. In a similar vein, UK retailer New Look was under fire when they created “Cheat Day” pajamas and a pair was found hanging in the stores range for young girls. Cue social media fury about body shaming in children and apologies from the store that this was just a mistake.

Someone who does have to take pajamas and adult onesies seriously is Gabriel Violett. The Voice contestant revealed he has a rather interesting day job, working as an adult onesie model or onesie tester. He sang “Treat You Better” in the Blind Auditions and got an early turn from Alicia Keys. Blake Shelton also turned at the last minute but Violett wants to give up his adult onesie career and sing R&B and pop with a twist, so joined Team Alicia. Who would have thought that being an adult onesie model would even be a job? We have known for some time that Miley Cyrus is a big adult onesie pajama fan.  She seems to particularly favor those animal onesies like unicorns or dinosaurs. It’s hard to take pajamas and adult onesies seriously when you are dressed like that.