Pajama Party: The Way You Dress Affects the Way You Sleep

Throughout every stage of a person’s day, we’re pretty concerned with what we wear and how we look with one notable exception: our bedtimes.  Data on the subject suggests that nearly half of all people simply strip down for their bed time. Another fourth of people don specific shorts and a t-shirt to bed down in, and in the end, only about a third of people actually sleep in pajamas or nightgowns.

Why do you think that is? What thought process influences these choices? Do we sleep largely nude in order to buck the system? To rebel against the waking world, refuse the necessity of clothing in our daily lives and take claim of the third of our day that truly belongs to us?

Regardless of the motivation, we’ve long known that clothing is both functional and performative. That the way we dress influences the way we feel and interact with others. It may seem trite, but as many romantic comedies have pointed out, clothes can make the man or woman, and our bed time is no exception.

Our choice of sleepwear, just like our day wear, reflects our fundamental beliefs and natures, and that definitely carries over into our sleep.  Scientifically, psychologically, or spiritually, the act of dressing in a particular way and preparing ourselves for a certain role definitely shapes our mindset. It immerses us in a feeling that will shape whatever it is that we’re prepping for. By donning a particular set of pajamas, or lack thereof, we carry ourselves into a particular world of dreams.

With how important sleep is, with how much of our time it takes, and with how much control we exert over it, why would you choose to not actively shape that experience as best you can? If you’d spend agonizing moments over your daily clothing choices, why wouldn’t you pick the very best in sleepwear to shape your journey through the land of Morpheus and that nominal realm of dreams?

That’s where we come in. With Funzee, you’ll be well suited to whatever dreams await you. Our pajamas will keep you comfortable and warm as you venture through your nights and prepare you for your days. Being both fashionable and comfy, you’ll be prepared to be the hero or ruler that your nights need. Why settle for anything less?