Pajama Party or How About a Onesie Party

Pajama Party

This week we thought we better give Kim Kardashian a mention because she doesn’t get much media attention these days. Pictures everywhere of her having a pajama party for her baby shower. We think she should have gone for our Cute Adult Onesies because those striped pajamas she chose have the look of a penal uniform about them. Maybe Kim had read this amusing piece on the Bustle website entitled “The 8 Emotional Stages Of Peeing While Wearing A Onesie”. The writer is obviously an adult onesie fan and says “I’m all about the onesie. Summer, spring, fall, winter… it doesn’t matter to me. If it fits like pajamas, feels like pajamas, but doesn’t LOOK like pajamas, I will put it on my body.” But it’s true that toilet matters need a bit of advanced thought if you are planning a pajama party which is why some of our range has a rear zipper or Butt flap.

These days social media is awash with celebrities posing in what looks like their pajamas, but because the pajama look is so on trend it’s had to tell whether it’s actually sleepwear or something from the catwalk. Maybe you have some sympathy for a reporter from the Spokesman Review who asked “When did it become OK to wear pajamas in public?” She goes on to explain that she was taken aback recently while waiting for a flight Portland airport when a young woman walked by in what appeared to be her jammies. She had a big hoodie covering her upper half and flower-decorated pajama bottoms on the lower half. So it may be a fine line between not being bothered to change out of your sleepwear and wearing the latest designer fashion. However if you think that’s an abuse of pajamas then how about this story from Vietnam. The Head of the Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, has said that his city has received a lot of compliments from tourists for its clean, beautiful beach. However, he also mentioned that several foreigners have complained about many Vietnamese people wearing sleepwear to the beach “instead of bikinis,” and wondered if there should be a regulation which would require beachgoers to wear two-piece swimsuits instead of pajamas. In Vietnam you can have a beach party pajama party combined.