Pajama Fashion Bang On Trend Again

Fashion Pajamas in 2016

News from New York Fashion Week that Pajama Fashion is still bang on trend. This event is one of the big 4 fashion Shows, along with those in Paris, London and Milan. It claims to be the oldest of its kind having its roots back in the 1940s. It is when vast amounts of money are spent as international fashion collections are shown off to trade buyers, the press and even the general buying public. The event took place at various venues in and around New York this week. This year two models in particular caught media attention because they do not look like the normal underfed Russian schoolgirl. Ashley Graham is a size 16 with curves on her curves. She works as a plus-sized model and on Tuesday she was given the chance to present a lingerie collection. Madeline Stuart is the most successful model with Downs Syndrome. Both are helping the fashion industry to broaden its appeal and become a little more inclusive.

These shows which include everything from pajama fashion to evening dress are supposed to predict what you will be wearing in 2016. And the good news is that you are going to get even more comfortable next spring. Several designers believe that the “I didn’t try too hard, I just got out of bed look” will continue to take over in fashion stores. And those attending seemed to agree judging from what the audience were wearing. As fashionista website noted,”So what better way to ensure a chill day of seeing new fashion then by wearing comfortable yet sleek silk pajamas? And for those not bold enough to wear more literal version of their jammies, loose-fitting layers, jeans and t-shirts were also popular choices on day seven of fashion week.”

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