Pajama Drives Helping the Needy


When it comes to helping needy families, you might wonder what you can do.  Well, several charities have gotten together to collect pajama’s to donate to shelter’s and Salvation Army’s across the country.  Here’s how you can get in on the giving yourself!

The first charity, Operation Jammies, helped children who are receiving cancer treatments at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO.  Jasmin Booth founded Operation Jammies, and the idea sprang up from her experiences as a cancer patient in pediatric unit of Mercy.  Jasmin has enlisted the help of a local Girl Scout troop to collect as many pajamas as possible.  This year, they collected fifty-five pair of pajamas with money donated to the charity and had another seventy-five donated by community members.

Switching it up, a business in La Crosse, Wisconsin is in their seventh consecutive year of collecting pajamas for children.  Aligned for Health Chiropractic clinic.  New patients receive their first appointment or treatment for free if they donate a pair of pajamas to the cause.  Even better?  The chiropractic practice also offers a free adjustment day for patients who donated.  The pajamas are donated to the local foster care system and any extras are kept and given to children throughout the year who are found to be in emergency situations.

In Idaho, a local middle-school student is donating PJ’s to local kids in need.  Kaylob Kelso decided early on that he’d share his family’s tradition of receiving Christmas pajama’s each year to the local women’s shelter.  Kaylob and his Mom asked their friends and family members to pitch in a new pair of pajamas and more than thirty pairs of pajamas were collected this year.  He plans on making this an every year tradition and hopes to keep collecting pajamas throughout the year.  Delaware students also got in on the fun by donating pajamas and books for The Pajama Program.  The Pajama Program donates pajamas and reading material to their local reading centers.  This year, they collected over seventy pair of pajamas and over a hundred books.


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